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Introducing: Ezra Tan

Ezra is currently a volunteer with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Singapore and aiming to embark on the journey to become a pilot with MAF.

Ezra feels a strong connection to the mission of MAF to bring help, hope and healing to isolated peoples using aviation and technology, to see communities changed and lives transformed. He is excited at the prospect of being MAF's first Singaporean pilot in training.

This story started when Ezra was 15 and felt a strong pull towards working with a mission in a new country. While he was feeling this, he also had a dream to be a pilot and spent years feeling conflicted between the two possible futures.

It was 7 years later that he felt convicted to make a choice about which path to follow. After an intense 3 days of deliberation, he made the choice to put aside his own career dreams and serve in missions.

As a reader of a story on an MAF website, you can probably guess what happened next!

Around the same time that Ezra was feeling the conviction to make this choice, his church leader received an email invitation to attend a MAF Discovery Day Event, so in 3 days when Ezra came to share with him his conviction and decision, this church leader had a great recommendation for him.

Ezra attended the MAF event in Singapore to learn what it was all about and his mind was blown! MAF uses aircraft and technology to overcome geographical barriers in mission work. "It was the perfect combination of obeying the call to missions and being a pilot," Ezra said.

It is the combination of his life dreams that led him to this unexpected place.

It is still a great sacrifice, and it will not be easy. But Ezra knows that it is for a purpose that makes it entirely worth it. MAF is grateful that God calls such people who are willing to re-direct their passions and dreams for His cause.

The next big step for Ezra is to fundraise so that he is able to attend 18 months of training with MAF’s flight training centre in Mareeba, Australia. His efforts to do this show his dedication to MAF and give a glimpse of the kind of dedication we will see from him on the field.

Ezra is very grateful for all the support and encouragement he has already received and is hopeful for all that is to come. After he completes the different components of his training, Ezra will be deployed to one of the 21 countries that MAF has flight operations in.

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