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Eliana C

Eliana joined MAF Singapore as our Development Manager in Singapore after receiving a calling to join missions when she was 15. 

She was inspired by the story of Jim Elliot and MAF Pilot, Nate Saint and their dedication to serve people in hard-to-reach places.


When the opportunity to serve with MAF was presented to her, Eliana saw it as an open door to begin her journey in missions. 


As Development Manager, Eliana organises events and meetings with those interested in serving with MAF in their own capacities. 

If you are interested, please get in touch with Eliana by emailing her at

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Ezra T

Ezra is on his way to becoming MAF's first Singaporean pilot-in-training at MAF's Flight Training Centre in Mareeba, Australia. In Mareeba, he will learn the skills needed to fly in remote, hard-to-reach places. Ezra is currently raising funds to support his flight training journey with MAF.


Ezra grew up with a clear call from God and a desire to serve in missions. He is also an avid 'aviation geek'. After being led to surrender his life to God's will, Ezra heard about MAF and was excited at the prospect of serving as a missionary pilot, combining his call to missions and his passion for aviation. 

If you would like to support Ezra, please send us an email at

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